Introduction to Commercial Leasing

A Starter Guide for New Leasing Lawyers & Brokers

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This course will transform your relationship to commercial leasing by giving you the inside track on commercial leasing basics as well as tips on forming lasting and meaningful client relationships which are key to launching a successful commercial leasing practice.

What's Included


Lease Economics

Managing Client relationships in commercial leasing transactions can be a challenge. In this course you’ll come away with a road map for navigating these relationships.

  • Client relationships
  • Calculation of base rent and additional rent
  • How square footage is determined
  • Three basic types of leases

You’ll also come away with a good understanding of the basics of lease economics including base rent and other charges.


Condition of Premises

Part of your client’s due diligence is to determine the condition in which the premises are delivered.  Delivery conditions vary dramatically from lease to lease. 

  • The nature of “as is” delivery
  • Landlord warranties
  • How initial improvements are handled
  • Analysis of implications of landlord or tenant performing initial work in the premises
  • Construction allowances

You’ll finish this course with a good framework for guiding your client through the due diligence process regarding condition of the premises and landlord’s delivery obligations.


Securitizing the Lease

One of the biggest challenges for landlords and tenants is understanding how to approach the type and amount of security deposit.

  • Understanding how security deposit amounts are determined
  • Brief review of cash vs. letters of credit
  • Guaranty
  • Reductions in security deposits/letters of credit

This course will provide you with a basic understanding of the decision-making process for determining security deposits and a brief review of the three main security types.


Special Issues for Retail Leases

Retail leases are their own unique world, with special vocabulary and even negotiation strategies. In this unit, we’ll cover:

  • Percentage rent
  • Operating covenants
  • Co-tenancy clauses
  • Exclusive use clauses
  • Special issues for restaurant leases

You’ll finish the course with an excellent overview of the key issues in negotiating letters of intent for retail and restaurant leases.


Additional LOI Provisions

This unit will focus on letters of intent for unique businesses. 

  • Unique issues in industrial leasing
  • Assignment/subletting clauses in commercial leases
  • Growth and contraction options

This course will provide you with a deeper understanding of the variety of commercial leases.